Write On, State!

Authentic writing for human beings

State College, Pennsylvania

Writing is more than a school subject– it’s a tool for living our lives.

They influence the reader, but they also influence the WRITER
Anne Elrod Whitney, Ph.D.

I started Write On, State! as a way to gather and support writers of all kinds. Writing permeates all my spaces:

  • In my professional life as Professor of Education at Penn State, I have seen the power that emerges when writers take ownership of what they are writing and have something they want or need to say.
  • In my personal life, I have seen how writing can help to compose a whole life– whether it’s discerning a calling or career, working through difficult times in life, or living with presence.
  • I’ve even seen writing unite allies to advocate for common goals– as happened when I began to write about a child abuser from my own past. That writing eventually united a group of at least a dozen survivors, and landed the abuser in jail.

Why do you write? Is it to do your job, or to succeed in school? Is it to express yourself? To make art? To learn? To discover? To connect to others? However we come to writing, we all have something to gain by writing more or writing differently. Write On, State exists to support you in authoring the texts— or even the life– you want to write.

Come and write with me! I’m looking forward to writing our stories together.